A Bombay without Byculla Railway Station

11 October, 2016
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Windows: Byculla Railway Station (1891)
De Lisle Road and Parel Road, Byculla.

The icons of Byculla seem to have spent portions of their long history relocating or contemplating relocating- the Khada Parsi statue was shifted from the junction of Bellasis and Clare Road to the junction of Clare and Parel Road in 1928; the Byculla Club regularly threatened to relocate from Bellasis Road to the Fort; and the Byculla Railway Station moved a little northwards to its present grand structure on Parel Road in 1891.

Yet it is inconceivable to imagine a Bombay without the Byculla Railway Station. It is a reminder of how Byculla served as the second city centre, after the Fort, for much of the 19th century.

The Mid-Day has recently reported the dismantling of the Station for the expansion of the railway lines between VT and Kurla. This would be an unsurmountable loss to the city and must be stopped.

This intricate ticket counter with the monogram of the Great Indian Peninsular Railway (GIPR) is just one of the examples of the fine architectural embellishments we are at the risk of losing.

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