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The master bakers of Bombay Presidency

27 May, 2013
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Yazdani Bakery (1953)

Signage: Yazdani Bakery (1953)
Cowasji Patel Street, Fort.

Not only were bakeries amongst the earliest culinary establishments in Bombay, their proprietors were also the first to partake of the technological advancements in the trade. Flour Dressing Machines, Corn Mills, Patent Travelling Ovens, were amongst the equipment used in the city’s steam bakeries.

Bombay’s hotel proprietors on the other hand were slow to introduce culinary gadgets. Civil engineers were occasionally consulted to tackle the nuisance of smoke in their hotel kitchens.

Bombaywalla concedes that the neighbouring Poonawallas are the master bakers of Bombay Presidency.

Again, the photograph is shot by Dj Murty on Kodak 400 ISO film.

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