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Tardeo loses its Dhun, Mumbai Mirror

9 November, 2015
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Tardeo loses

‘Tardeo loses its Dhun’ Mumbai Mirror, 10 January 2015.

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The Bombay Widow

5 May, 2014
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Façades: Allbless Widows’ Chawl

Murzban Colony, Gilder Street, Tardeo.

Early modern housing for widows in Bombay was custom made to their conjugal condition. Widows were accommodated in single rooms in structures called ‘chawls’ and paid the lowest rent on the plot. In contrast the rest of the housing project consisted of multi-room flats in ‘buildings’ that were designed to facilitate working class family life.

‘Widows’ were listed along with fitters, mechanics, clerks etc as the professions of the householders on the plot. Investing ‘widows’ with the social meaning of occupational activity was one of the few, feeble ways through which their presence was assimilated into the housing landscape.

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Up the Country

5 August, 2013
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Facades: The Imperial (2010)

Facades: The Imperial (2010)


The twin towers boldly reestablish the imperial presence in a city that has been fervently erasing the signs of its colonial past.
In fact, going up the 60 floors of the luxury towers must feel like retreating to the hills, the summer capitals of the Raj. A drop in temperature, exclusive club facilities, splendid views, superior sanitation, a little less crowding, a little less conversation.

Hersh Acharya captures The Imperial’s defiant presence.

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The suburb of Tardeo

8 July, 2013
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Infrastructure: Tardeo Road

The suburb of Tardeo was developed from the 1850s onwards to host the industries, establishments and citizens that were considered unsuitable for accommodating in the city centre of the Fort or the residential stronghold of Byculla. Mills, gas companies, widows, pensioners and a few European and Indian householders like the Adenwallas and Jessawallas gathered in Tardeo and made good neighbours.

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This magical photograph is shot by Hersh Acharya.

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