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In Aden’s fair city

3 April, 2015
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Interiors: Adenwalla Baug

Tardeo Road (presently Javji Dadaji Marg).

The sense of community among the Parsis was so strong that any Parsi passenger passing through the port city of Aden would receive the hospitality of Sir Hormusjee Cowasjee Dinshaw (1857-1939), the leading Parsi sethia in the city.

Transport, tour guides, meals and company were all on the house till the passenger made his way back to the steamer and proceeded with his journey.

You can join the Bombay Parsee Association in celebrating Hormusjee’s birthday tomorrow 4th April at 9 am at Churchgate Street, Bombay, where a statue of the sethia is still hospitable to the crews of birds passing through the locality.

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Adenwalla Baug Miscellaneous

4 April, 2014
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Statue: Sir Hormusjee Cowasjee Dinshaw

Statue: Sir Hormusjee Cowasjee Dinshaw

(1857- 1939),Tardeo Road (presently Javji Dadaji Marg).

Alarmed by the influx of non-Parsi spouses to Adenwalla Baug over the past decade, Hormusjee’s granddaughter Makki had begun to call her family home Adenwalla Baug Miscellaneous.
Hormusjee’s grandchildren had inherited intact his orthodoxy. Makki combined hers with good breeding. Sitting at the front porch with tea, magazines and an electric bell, she would wave or salaam at the motley crew of residents, employees and guests that passed in and out of the compound’s green gates.

Photo by Hormusjee’s alarmingly liberal great grandson Jehangir and text by his great, great granddaughter Sima who ‘can marry anyone in the world as long he is a Parsi.’

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A convincing Adenwalla

5 April, 2013
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Sir Hormusjee Cowasjee Dinshaw

Statue: Sir Hormusjee Cowasjee Dinshaw
(1857- 1939, Statue 1949), Church Gate Street (presently Veer Nariman Road)

Often, to Hormusjee’s full name was added another surname ‘Adenwalla’. In the 1800s individuals chose to fashion their identity with surnames that usually reflected an occupation or a native or contemporary place of residence. Hormusjee made a more convincing Adenwalla in Bombay than in the port city of Aden in Yemen, where everyone was technically an Adenwalla.

A small ceremony to garland the statue is held every year on April 4th, Hormusjee’s birthday.

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