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15 reasons to visit the wonderful world of the Gandhi Book Centre

10 December, 2014
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1. Gandhi is everywhere.J1614-GandhiBookCentre_022. The staff and trustees of the Centre will warmly welcome you.J1614-GandhiBookCentre_073. You have a good view of Bhaji Gali as you browse through the books. J1614-GandhiBookCentre_034. These Gandhi Diaries for 2015 make perfect New Year gifts!K0914-GandhiBookCentre_105. You can ask for a demonstration of the Amber Charkha.J1614-GandhiBookCentre_066. Amber Charkha is a proud resident of Nana Chowk.J1614-GandhiBookCentre_057. Mr. Premshankar Tiwari shows us how to spin on the portable Petti Charkha.K0914-GandhiBookCentre_098. And here’s a model of the Bardoli Charkha.L0914-GandhiBookCentre_149. The museum on the upper storey is a must see.L0914-GandhiBookCentre_1510. The Minton tiling is in good order.K0914-GandhiBookCentre_1111. Waste is separated into dry plastic and dry paper.J1614-GandhiBookCentre_0812. Here’s the view from the upper level.J1614-GandhiBookCentre_0113. For the week of Gandhi’s birth (2 Oct) and death (30 Jan) anniversary all the books are 50% off. L0914-GandhiBookCentre_1714. They have a book for suggestions & complaints…
L0914-GandhiBookCentre_1615. …though there won’t be any.L0914-GandhiBookCentre_13

Gandhi Book Centre, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, Tardeo Road, 400007.

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