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Lahore ki Lakshmi

21 June, 2013
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Lakshmi Insurance Building (1938)

Clock: Lakshmi Building (1938)
Pherozeshah Mehta Road, Fort.

Lakshmi Insurance Building is a rare and wonderful example of an Art Deco structure with an Indian goddess and a clock at the top. The structure housed the Bombay branch of the Lakshmi Insurance Company of Lahore.
The placing of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity, above the clock is no doubt a reassuring sight for policyholders and the public at large.

It is a shame that the chiming clock is in such disrepair on the building in Bombay and that the Lakshmi representations are missing from the sister structure in Lahore.

The photograph is shot by Dj Murty on Kodak 400 ISO film.

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