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Advantage Merwan

20 May, 2014
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Furnishings : B. Merwan & Co. (1914)

Furnishings: B. Merwan & Co. (1914)

Frere Bridge, Grant Road.

Folks if you thought PM Narendra Modi’s PR campaign was clever wait till you get a hold of this. B. Merwan & Co., the 100-year old Irani café that announced in January that it was shutting down and caused a sensation

— frenzied last visits to the café, a spiral in the sales of Mawa Cakes, global media coverage, hourly updates on the health of the ailing institution by two young photographers, a Facebook page dedicated to the café —

has decided to reopen after a months closure.


Photo by Hashim Badani, who witnessed the closing and opening ceremony at the cafe.

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All bar none

31 January, 2014
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Signage: Express Restaurant (1965) brun and maska (bread and butter) on a round table in a restaurant together, Bombay was its cosmopolitan best.
Converts had fallen out of caste with their original community when they had converted to Christianity and were eventually, grudgingly accepted back into the community’s fold.

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‘I was very tough’

24 January, 2014
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Proprietor: Café Military

Partner: Café Military vadis (orchards) located in the hinterland.

Today at 76, wearing a red Budweiser tee, his mean machine is a black and yellow taxi which he takes from his home in Mazagon to his restaurant Café Military at Medows Street.

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