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Freedom from vandals this Independence Day

15 August, 2016
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Signage: Great Western Building (1764)

(formerly Admiralty House), Apollo Street, Fort.

We are happy to report that on Independence Day we have cleaned this important historical plaque. The plaque had recently been vandalised.

Many thanks to Miss Nyrika and Miss Vasudha for their assistance and enthusiasm.

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Don’t know much about history

8 July, 2014
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Don’t know much about history

Signage: Admiralty House (1764)

Apollo Street, Fort (presently Great Western Building, Bombay Samachar Marg).

This building holds the distinction of being put to the most high-profile uses in Bombay. It has variously served as the admiralty house, the governor’s residence and the recorder’s courthouse.

In 1883, Jewanjee & Company opened The Great Western Hotel on the premises. The Hotel was furnished and fitted to ensure ‘the greatest comfort to Residents and Visitors’. Not only did every bedroom have an attached bathroom with a constant supply of water, the setup had the approval of the best scientific authorities.

Jewanjee & Company did know a lot about technology.

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