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In Aden’s fair city

3 April, 2015
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Interiors: Adenwalla Baug

Tardeo Road (presently Javji Dadaji Marg).

The sense of community among the Parsis was so strong that any Parsi passenger passing through the port city of Aden would receive the hospitality of Sir Hormusjee Cowasjee Dinshaw (1857-1939), the leading Parsi sethia in the city.

Transport, tour guides, meals and company were all on the house till the passenger made his way back to the steamer and proceeded with his journey.

You can join the Bombay Parsee Association in celebrating Hormusjee’s birthday tomorrow 4th April at 9 am at Churchgate Street, Bombay, where a statue of the sethia is still hospitable to the crews of birds passing through the locality.

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