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Watchman you don’t have to pull out the big stick

25 May, 2016
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Staircases: Ballard Estate

When small migrant communities were establishing their presence in Bombay in 1870s, the professional tools they carried as well as their turbans, became important markers of their identity.

Sticks helped quickly identify the community of ‘Purdasees’, hillmen from the North West Provinces, who largely served as watchman in the city.

Hersh Acharya pulls out his big camera.

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Room for Scandal

19 July, 2013
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Signage: Grand Hotel (1922)

Signage: Grand Hotel (1922)

Ballard Estate.

The Grand Hotel is not only a popular name for hotels across the globe it also refers to a genre of hotels.
Grand hotels were large establishments run by a manager and his staff (rather than the proprietor), had an atmosphere of anonymity and availed of the latest technologies of lifts, electric fans and gadgets.
Scandals were good business for grand hotels. High passion romances and affairs, a small dose of suicides on the hotel premises, all became the stuff of urban legend.

Once again, DJ Murty in the house.

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