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Urban Biographies Novels Set in Bombay
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City Guides  Bombay Noir
Area Specific Bombay Books for Children
Structure Specific Short Stories
Street and Place Name Histories Plays
Mapping & Planning Poetry
Collected Writings Digital Sources
Non- Fiction Projects
Histories The Otherwallas
Recollections & Accounts Film
Academic Writing Bombay Around the World


Urban Biographies

Dwivedi, Sharada and Mehrotra, Rahul. Bombay: The Cities Within. Bombay: Eminence Designs, 1995.

Fernandes, Naresh. City Adrift: A Short Biography of Bombay. New Delhi: Aleph, 2013.

Ranganathan, Murali ed. and translator. Govind Narayan’s Mumbai: An Urban Biography from 1863. London: Anthem Press, 2009.

Tindall, Gillian. City of Gold: The Biography of Bombay. London: Penguin,1992.


Popular and Pictorial

Adarkar, Neera ed. The Chawls of Mumbai: Galleries of Life. Gurgaon: ImprintOne, 2011.

Bondre, Shobha. Mumbai’s Dabbawala—The uncommon story of the common man. OMO Books, 2011.

Chabria, Priya Sarukkai and Taylor, Christopher. Bombay/Mumbai: Immersions. Niyogi Books, 2013.

Dossal, Mariam. Theatre of Conflict, City of Hope: Mumbai, 1660 to Present Times. Oxford University Press, 2010.

Dwivedi, Sharada and Mehrotra, Rahul. Bombay Deco. Mumbai: Eminence Designs, 2008.

Fernandes, Naresh. Taj Mahal Foxtrot: The Story of Bombay’s Jazz Age. New Delhi: Roli Books, 2012.

Husain, Fawzan. Between Bombay & Mumbai. 2012.

Ramani, Navin and Cerwinske, Laura. Bombay Art Deco Architecture: A Visual Journey, 1930-1953. New Delhi: Lustre Press, 2007.

Sorabjee, Jehangir. Above Bombay. Bombay: Eminence Designs, 2011.

Taleyarkhan, Ayesha and Menon, Jayashree. Bombay: Balconies & Verandahs, the Space Beyond. Mumbai: Crossover, 2002.

Taleyarkhan, Ayesha. Beyond Bombay Balconies, 2013.


City Guides & Tour Operators

Dwivedi, Sharada and Rahul Mehrotra. Fort Walks: Around Bombay’s Fort Area. Mumbai: Eminence Designs Pvt LTD, 1999.

Maclean, James Mackenzie. A Guide to Bombay: Historical, Statistical and Descriptive. Bombay, 1889.

Mehta, Kaiwan. Alice in Bhuleshwar: Navigating a Mumbai Neighbourhood. Delhi: Yoda Press, 2009.

Mehta Mithila, Sheth Priya and Mitra, Digantika. Cutting Chai and Maska Pao: The Way it is Said in Mumbai Only. HarperCollins Publishers India, 2012.

Pinder, D. A. Visitors’ Illustrated Guide to Bombay. Bombay: G. Claridge & Co., 1904.


Area Specific

Bansal, Rashmi and Deepak Gandhi. Poor Little Rich Slum, What We Saw In Dharavi and Why It Matters. Westland 2012.

Campana, Joseph ed. Everybody Loves Dharavi, forthcoming (2013).

Engqvist, Jonatan Habib and Lantz, Maria ed. Dharavi: Documenting Informalities. New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2008.

Gandhi, Jagdish. A Tale of Native Towns of Mumbai; Bhuleshwar, Girgaum & Malabar Hill. Mumbai: Jagdish Gandhi, 2010.

Kamala Ganesh, Thakkar Usha and Gita, Chadha. Zero Point Bombay: In & Around Horniman Circle. New Delhi: Roli Books, 2008.

Rustomfram, Hutokshi and Nikharge, Sukhada. Rani Bagh: 150 Years of Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Udyan & Zoo. 2012.

Sharma, Kalpana. Rediscovering Dharavi: Stories from Asia’s Largest Slum. New Delhi, Penguin Books India, 2000.


Structure Specific

Allen, Charles and Dwivedi, Sharada. The Taj at Apollo Bunder: The Story of the Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai, Established in 1903. Mumbai: Pictor Publishing Pvt Ltd, 2010.

Dwivedi Sharada, Mehrotra Rahul, Lambah Abha Narain , Sorabjee  Jehangir and Chaudhuri, Chirodeep . A City’s Legacy: The Indian Navy’s Heritage in Mumbai. Mumbai: Eminence Designs, 2005.

Dwivedi Sharada, Mehrotra Rahul and Bedi, Preeti. A City Icon:‪Victoria Terminus Bombay, 1887, Now Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai, 1996. Mumbai: Eminence Designs, 2006.

Dwivedi Sharada, Mehrotra Rahul, Chandrachud Y. V., and Gobhai, Noshir. The Bombay High Court: the story of the building, 1878-2003. Mumbai: Eminence Designs, 2004.

Dwivedi Sharada, Mehrotra Rahul. Anchoring a city line: the history of the Western Suburban Railway and its headquarters in Bombay, 1899-1999. Mumbai: Eminence Designs, 2000.

Dwivedi, Sharada and Mehrotra, Rahul. Banganga: Sacred Tank on Malabar Hill. Mumbai: Eminence Designs, 2006.

-,The Jehangir Art Gallery, Established 21 January, 1952. Mumbai: Eminence Designs, 2002.

The Victoria Memorial School for the Blind: ‪Founded 14 February 1902. Mumbai: Eminence Designs, 2002.

Iyer, Kamu. Buildings that Shaped Bombay: Works of G. B. Mhatre, 1902-1973.

Mumbai: Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture & Environmental Studies, Urban Design Research Institute, 2000.

Nix-Seaman, A. J. The Afghan Memorial Church and Historical Notes on Colaba. 1938.

Sheppard, Samuel T. The Byculla Club 1833-1916, A History. Bombay: Bennett, Coleman & Co. LTD., 1916.

Tikekar, Aroon. The Cloiseter’s Pale: A Biography of the University of Bombay. Bombay: Somaiya, 1984.


Street & Place Name Histories

Panemangalore, Ashwin. ‘Bombay, A Walk Through History: Streets and Places’, 2012.

Sheppard, Samuel Townsend. Bombay Place-names and Street-names: An Excursion into the By-ways of the History of Bombay City. Bombay: Times Press, 1917.


Mapping & Planning

Mehrotra, Rahul and Günter Nest. Public Places Bombay. Bombay: Max Mueller Bhavan Bombay and Urban Design Research Institute, 1996.


Collected Writings

Karkaria, R. P. ed. The Charm of Bombay: An Anthology of Writings in Praise of the First City of India. Bombay, 1915.

Patel, Sujata and Thorner, Alice eds. Bombay: Metaphor for Modern India. Bombay: Oxford University Press, 1995.

-, Bombay: Mosaic of Modern Culture. Bombay: Oxford University Press, 1995.

Pinto, Jerry and Fernandes, Naresh eds. Bombay, meri Jaan: writings on Mumbai. New Delhi: Penguin, 2003.


Non- Fiction

Boo, Katherine. Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death and Hope in a Mumbai Slum. London: Portobello, 2012.

Faleiro, Sonia. Beautiful Thing: Inside the Secret World of Bombay’s Dance Bars. Edinburgh: Cannongate, 2011.

Mehta, Suketu. Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found. London: Review 2004.

Phadke Shilpa, Khan Sameera and Ranade, Shilpa. Why Loiter: Women & Risk on Mumbai Streets . Penguin Books India, 2011.

Zaidi, S. Hussain. Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia.New Delhi: Roli Books, 2012.

-, Black Friday: The True Story Of The Bombay Bomb Blasts.New Delhi: Penguin Books, 2002.

Zaidi, S. Hussain and Borges, Jane. Mafia Queens of Mumbai: Stories of Women from the Ganglands. Tranquebar Press, 2011.



Arora, Ashok Kumar. History of Bombay Suburban Railways. Bombay: A. K. Arora, 1985.

Edwardes, S. M.  The Bombay City Police: A Historical Sketch 1672-1916. London: Oxford University Press, 1923.

Mahaluxmivala, Pestonji D. History of the Bombay Electric Supply and Tramways Company, Limited. Bombay: Bombay Electric Supply and Tramways, 1936.

Patell, B. F. History of the Plague in Bombay. Bombay.

Rao, Deepak. Mumbai Police, 150 Years, Urbs Prima in Indis. Mumbai: Commissioner of Police, 2007.

Sheppard, Samuel Townsend. The Bombay Volunteer Rifles: A History. Bombay: Times Press, 1919.

Vachha, P. B. Famous Judges, Lawyers and Cases of Bombay: A Judicial History of Bombay during the British Period. Bombay: N. M. Tripathi, 1962.

Wacha, D. E. A Financial Chapter in the History of Bombay City. Bombay: A. J. Combridge & Co., 1910.


Recollections & Accounts

Anonymous, Life in Bombay, and the Neighbouring Out-stations. London: Richard Bentley,1852.

Appadurai, Arjun. ‘Architecture and Amnesia in Indian Modernity’,

Kabraji, K. N. Fifty Years Ago, Reminiscenes of mid 19th century Bombay. Bombay: Times of India. 1901-2.

Douglas, James. Bombay and Western India VI: A Series of Stray Papers, (1893). Kessinger Publishing, 2009.

Edwardes, S. M.  By-Ways of Bombay, (1912). Dodo Press: 2009.

-, Gazetteer of Bombay City and Island (Volumes III, 1909). New Delhi: Cosmo Publications, 2001.

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-, Bombay in the Days of Queen Anne:Being an Account of the Settlement Written by John Burnell. London: Printed for the Hakluyt Society,1933.

Wacha, D. E. Shells from the Sands of Bombay being My Recollections and Reminiscences– 1860-1875. Bombay: The Indian Newspaper Company, Ltd., 1920.


Academic Writing

Appadurai, Arjun. “The Bomb, Bombay, Mumbai,” Fellow Observer, II: I: 1999, pp. 10-11.

-, “Spectral Housing and Urban Cleansing: Notes on Millennial Mumbai,” in Public Culture, Special Issue on Cosmopolitanism, C. Breckenridge, H. Bhabha, D. Chakrabarty, S. Pollock, eds. 12 (3), 2000, pp. 627-651.

Bayly, C. A. “Afterword: Bombay’s ‘intertwined modernities,’ 1780-1880” in Michael S. Dodson and Brian A. Hatcher, eds., Trans-Colonial Modernities in South Asia. London: Routledge, 2012, pp. 231-48.

Benjamin, N. “Palanquins in Bombay, c. 1750-1900” in Deccan Studies, Volume 3, Issue 2, July-December 2005, pp. 63-76.

Chandavarkar, Rajnarayan. The origins of industrial capitalism in India: Business strategies and the working classes in Bombay, 1900-1940. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1994.

Chopra, Preeti. A Joint Enterprise: Indian Elites and the Making of British Bombay. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2011.

-, “Free to move, forced to flee: the formation and dissolution of suburbs in colonial Bombay, 1750–1918” in Urban History, 39, 1, 2012.

Dobbin, Christine. Urban Leadership in Western India: Politics and Communities in Bombay City, 1840-1885. London: Oxford University Press, 1972.

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Green, Nile. Bombay Islam: The Economy of Enchantment in Oceanic India 1850-1915. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.

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Asian Studies, 20(4),1986.

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Spodek, Howard. “City Planning in India under British Rule” in Economic & Political Weekly, Vol – XLVIII No. 04, January 26, 2013.

Tambe, Ashwini. Codes of Misconduct: Regulating Prostitution in Late Colonial Bombay. New Delhi: Zubaan, 2009.

Upadhyay, Shashi Bhushan. Existence, Identity and Mobilization: The Cotton Millworkers of Bombay 1890-1919. Delhi: Manohar Publishers and Distributors, 2004.


Novels Set in Bombay

Adiga, Aravind. Last Man in Tower
, 2011.

Bromfield, Louis. Night in Bombay (1950). New Delhi: Penguin Books India, 2011.

Chandra, Vikram. Sacred Games, 2006.

-, Love and Longing in Bombay, 1997.

Chaudhuri, Amit. The Immortals, 2009.

Daswani, Kavita. Bombay Girl, 2012.

Desai, Anita. Baumgartner’s Bombay, 1988.

Desai, Boman. The Memory of Elephants, 2000.

Dhanvant Shanghvi, Siddharth. The Lost Flamingos of Bombay, 2009.

de Souza, Eunice. Dangerlok, 2011.

, Dev & Simran: A Novel, 2003.

Dhillon, Kanika. Bombay Duck is a Fish, 2011.

Forbes, Leslie. Bombay Ice, 1999.

Hensman, Rohini. To Do Something Beautiful, 1995.

Irani, Anosh. The Cripple and His Talismans, 2013.

Irving, John. A Son of the Circus
, 1994.

Jesia, Avan. Tower, 2012.

Joseph, Anjali. Saraswati Park, 2010.

Lewis, S. L., Bombay Mixx, 2012.

Mistry, Cyrus. Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer, 2012.

-, The Radiance of Ashes, 2005.

Mistry, Rohinton. Family Matters, 2002.

-, A Fine Balance, 1995.

-, Such a Long Journey, 1991.

Mehta, Dina. And Some Take a Lover, 1992.

-,Mila in Love, 2003.

Nagarkar, Kiran. Ravan & Eddie, 1994.

-, The Extras: Starring Ravan & Eddie, 2012.

Pinto, Jerry. Em and the big Hoom, 2012.

Pestonji, Meher. Sadak Chhaap, 2005.

-, Pervez: A Novel, 2003.

Rao, R. Raj. The Boyfriend, 2003.

Roberts, Gregory David Shantaram, 2003.

Shroff, Murzban F., Breathless in Bombay, 2009.

Suri, Manil. The City of Devi, 2013.

Swaminathan, Kalpana. The Monochrome Madonna (2010).

-,  The Gardener’s Song

-,  The Page Three Murders (2006).

-,  Bougainvillea House


-,  Ambrosia for Afters

Thayil, Jeet. Narcopolis, 2012.

Umrigar, Thrithy. Bombay Time, 2001.

Varma, Jaideep. Local, 2005.

Vohra, Rishi. Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai, 2012.


Graphic Novels

Devraj, Rajesh and Imchen, Meren. Sudershan (Chimpanzee), 2012.

Mohapatra, Saurav and Shinde, Vivek. Mumbai Confidential , 2013.


Bombay Noir

Ross, Allen. Bombay After Dark, 1968.

Colaabavala, Firooze Darasha. Bombay By Night, 1977.

Benedict, Costa. Bombay: The Twilight Zone, 1972.

Nambiar, Sangeeta. Barnabas: Bombay’s First Private Detective, 2012.


Bombay Books for Children

Minwalla, Shabnam. The Six Spellmakers of Dorabji Street, 2012. 


Short Stories

Gokhale, Veena. Bombay Wali and other stories
, 2013.

Jones, Nalini. What You Call Winter
, 2007.

Lucas, Russell. Evenings at Mongini’s and Other Stories, 1990.

Manto, Sadaat Hasan. Bombay Stories, 2012.

Mistry, Rohinton. Tales from Firozsha Baag, 1987.

Pestonji, Meher. Mixed Marriage and other Parsi Stories. 1999.

Tyrewala, Altaf ed. Mumbai Noir, 2012.



Chitre, Dilip. ‘The View from Chinchpokly’, in Travelling in a Cage, 1980.

Ezekiel, Nissim, ‘Island’ in Collected Poems, 1989.

-, ‘Irani Restaurant Instructions’, 1972.

Jussawalla, Adil, ‘Sea Breeze, Bombay’.

Kipling Rudyard, ‘To the City of Bombay’,

Kolatkar, Arun. Kala Ghoda Poems, 2004.

Tyrewala, Altaf. Ministry of Hurt Sentiments, 2012.

Subramaniam, Arundhathi. ‘Where I Live’.



Mistry, Cyrus. Doongaji House, 1977.

Padmanabhan, Manjula. Harvest, 1997.

Pestonji, Meher. Feeding Crows, 2009.

-, Piano for Sale, 2006.

Ramanathan, Ramu. Cotton 56, Polyester 84, 2005.

Tendulkar, Vijay. Silence! The Court is in Session, 1978.


Digital Sources

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The Otherwallas

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‘A Close Shave’, Episode 4 of BBC television travel series Around the World in 80 Days, 1989.

A Wednesday! Neeraj Pandey, 2008.

Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyoon Aata Hai, Saeed Akhtar Mirza, 1980.

Ardh Satya. Govind Nihalani, 1983.

Bombay. Mani Ratnam, 1995.

‘Bombay’, Episode 7 of documentary series Phantom India (L’Inde Fantôme). Louis Malle, 1969.

Bombay Boys. Kaizad Gustaad, 1998.

Bombay Talkie. James Ivory, Merchant Ivory Productions, 1970.

Bombay Talkies. Karan Johar, Dibakar Banerjee, Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap, 2013.

Black Friday. Anurag Kashyap, 2004.

Chandni Bar. Bhandarkar, Madhur, 2001.

Dharavi. Sudhir Mishra,1992.

Dharavi Diary. Nawneet Ranjan, 2012.

Dharavi: Slum for Sale. Lutz Konermann, 2010.

Dombivili Fast. Nishikanth Kamat, 2005.

Hamara Shahar/Bombay: Our City. Anand Patwardhan, 1985.

Jang aur Aman/War and Peace. Anand Patwardhan, 2013.

Life in a Metro. Anurag Basu, 2007.

Little Big People. Khalid Mohamed, 2013.

Miss Lovely. Ashim Ahluwalia, 2012.

Mumbai Meri Jaan. Nishikanth Kamat, 2008.

Mumbai Mirror. Ankush Bhatt, 2013.

Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro. Saeed Akhtar Mirza, 1989.

Shootout at Lokhandwala. Apoorva Lakhia, 2007.

Shootout at Wadala. Sanjay Gupta, 2013.

Slumdog Millionaire. Danny Boyle, 2008.

The Attacks of 26/11.Ram Gopal Verma, 2013.

The Children of Mandala. Anand Patwardhan, 2009.

The Perfect Murder. Zafar Hai, 1988.

The Last Irani Chai. Khalid Mohamed, 2011.

Tum Mile. Kunal Deshmukh, 2009.

Salaam Bombay. Mira Nair, 1988.

Voyage Around Bombay Harbour. Humphrey J C Millett, 1937.

Bombay Around the World

Bombay Pantry, Dublin

Dishoom- A Bombay café in London

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