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2 August, 2013
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Signage: The Parsee Lying-in Hospital (1895)

Signage: The Parsee Lying-in Hospital (1895)

Prescott Road (presently G. Talwatkar Marg).

Medical and reformatory institutions had some of the most awkward names and addresses in Bombay. The name ‘Parsee Lying-in Hospital’ must have done little to reassure the public of the condition of the strictly Parsi patients on the premises.
In fact, the present occupiers of the premises, who run a magazine on the Parsis, have shifted their subscription office to an adjacent building. Perhaps the editor thought that a Parsi lying in hospital does little to reassure the public of the health of a Parsi magazine.

Another awkward address found in The Bombay Gazette –
Mr. Watson, No. 104, Lunatic Asylum Lane, Upper Colaba, near the Light House.

Hersh Acharya captures both the original and more recent spelling of Parsee and Parsi, with potted plants and all.

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