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16 January, 2015
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Paris Bakery

Proprietor: Paris Bakery (1955)

287, Dukargully, Dhobi Talao (presently Dr. C. H. Street).

In the heart of Dukargully (pig lane) is a bakery run by a vegetarian proprietor. Danesh Nejadkay fasts on several days of the week. He sips on rose flavoured water to see him through the bustle at the bakery. A picture of yogi Paramahansa Yogananda is stuck on the fridge. A quote by Swami Vivekananda is placed on the wall.

Indeed if we are to come up with a recipe for the Irani proprietors that run bakeries and cafes in Bombay it is this- one third spiritual- Meher Baba following, fasting, homeopathy taking- and two third gangsta– bike riding, chain wearing, physical fitness undertaking, lady charming.

In our next post we will share Mr. Nejadkay’s wisdom on biscuit eating.

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