Welcome to the wonderful world of Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

27 July, 2015
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SriLanka_ChurchExterior2 1. The Dutch Reformed Church (1755) on Church Street.

SriLanka_WhiteDeco2. Hotel Deco on 44 on Lighthouse Street.

Srilanka_DecoPink3. More Art Deco to dekho .

SriLanka_ChurchExterior14. Strolling past one of the quieter though equally curious streets.

Srilanka_FortCars5. The entrance to the Maritime Archeology Museum on Queen’s Street.

Srilanka_MuseumInterior16. A model of the Avondster which sank in the Galle harbour over 300 years ago. The ship wreck was excavated in the 1990s and several of the artefacts that were found on the site are displayed in the Museum.

Srilanka_CourtExterior7. The view from the Fort’s ramparts.

Srilanka_MuseumExterior8. Whizzing past Front Cross Street in the judicial district.

Srilanka_FortWithAuto9. Everyday traffic through the Fort walls of the settlement.

Infrastructure: Galle Fort

Galle, Sri Lanka.

Galle is arguably the best example of a fort city in the world today with functioning court houses, a post-office, schools, houses of worship, homes, hotels, museums and shops, all located within the walls of the fortified settlement.

Galle Fort is reminder of what Fort Bombay would have looked like if the colonial government had not demolished the fort’s ramparts in 1863-64, to pave the way to create an open metropolis, and the government of Maharashtra had paid attention to conserving the architectural beauty of the precinct.

Our next post in this guest city series will be on the hotels of Galle and Colombo.

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