Advantage Merwan

20 May, 2014
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Furnishings : B. Merwan & Co. (1914)

Furnishings: B. Merwan & Co. (1914)

Frere Bridge, Grant Road.

Folks if you thought PM Narendra Modi’s PR campaign was clever wait till you get a hold of this. B. Merwan & Co., the 100-year old Irani café that announced in January that it was shutting down and caused a sensation

— frenzied last visits to the café, a spiral in the sales of Mawa Cakes, global media coverage, hourly updates on the health of the ailing institution by two young photographers, a Facebook page dedicated to the café —

has decided to reopen after a months closure.


Photo by Hashim Badani, who witnessed the closing and opening ceremony at the cafe.

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7 thoughts on “Advantage Merwan

  1. NevK

    Well I dont mind their clever strategy, and really would not care if they kept doing the closed/open bit, but every 100 years!

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