Flora please, not Frere

13 May, 2013
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Flora Fountain

Fountains: Flora Fountain (1869)
Junction of Hornby Road, Esplanade Road and Churchgate Street, Fort (presently Hutatma Chowk).

Flora Fountain is a defining landmark in the city so much so that it has become an address in itself, which any Bombaywalla will easily recognise.

Though originally named Frere Fountain, after governor Sir Henry Bartle Frere (1862-67), the architect of the new Fort district, the Fountain has always been referred to by its adopted name. Flora is the Roman goddess of flowers and the season of spring; a minor deity in Roman mythology, a major madame of Bombay.

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3 thoughts on “Flora please, not Frere

  1. P S Seshadri

    Maybe the name has officially changed, but how many use it? For me who moved out of Bombay (oops, Mumbai!), it is still Flora Fountain.

  2. ~j~

    Hutatma Chowk is the statue/landmark next to Flora Fountain, no? Don’t know why some folks get all riled up 🙂 just because the location name has changed to the other statue.


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