Gather ye rosebuds

26 August, 2013
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Fountain: Flora Fountain (1869)
Junction of Hornby Road, Esplanade Road and Churchgate Street, Fort (presently Hutatma Chowk).

At a time when the public presences of women in the city are being brutally challenged, Flora reminds us of the quintessential Bombay woman. Flora has withstood the titles that categorise through gender- she is neither Bai Florabai, Floradevi, Goddess Flora or Flora wife of Flavonius.

Simply Flora.

Last Friday, the citizens of Bombay gathered at the Flora Fountain to protest the rape of a 23 year old journalist who was documenting abandoned mills in the city when she was assaulted.

Photo courtesy Rahul Patel.

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4 thoughts on “Gather ye rosebuds

  1. david jordache

    If only she could talk, what stories she would tell…? Her unseeing eyes have seen the changing life and vista of this great city unfold before her for more than a century – perhaps that’s why she is silent, as she has witnessed the decline of manners and civic pride in this great metropolis


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