Dhun Lodge Destroyed

25 December, 2014
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Dhun Lodge DestroyedDL 2

Facades: Dhun Lodge (1906)

It is heartbreaking to report that on Christmas Day Dhun Lodge my favourite building was completely demolished, a year after it was flattened to a shell of its former self.
The flattening, which destroyed the design and details of the facade of the building, was probably undertaken to make easier the building’s eventual destruction.
But it takes a special kind of malice to bring Dhun Lodge down on Christmas Day, right in front of Sethna Agiary (fire temple).


Thanks to Benaifar Nagwaswalla and Seema Bhatia-Panthaki for sharing the news and photos.

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2 thoughts on “Dhun Lodge Destroyed

  1. vijay nair

    Yesterdays architecture,todays nuisance value-It does not suffice only declaring,such edifices as heritage,worth preservation-Government,and society should come together,in this effort-Cutting across rules,relocating and or providing market value for those in possession-At the end of the day,in a metropolis like Bombay,space is life luxury and liberty-All three at a premium nowadays-Its sad,crusades must go on,but in tandem the #Remuneration too-
    Sincere Regards
    vijay nair


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