Destroying Dhun Lodge

21 February, 2014
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Destroying Dhun Lodge I SS-A0814-DhunLodge01_2Destroying Dhun Lodge Destroying Dhun Lodge Destroying Dhun Lodge I

Facade: Dhun Lodge (1906)

Tardeo Road, next to Bhatia Hospital.

Simin Patel is devastated to report that Dhun Lodge, her favourite building, has been destroyed and diminished to a shell of its former self.
There is no logic to flattening a perfectly solid, sound and splendid structure. It has left the locality bereft of beauty and the name ‘Dhun Lodge’ which perfectly encapsulated the cosmopolitan naming practices of the city. Notice how the developers have removed the year 1906 (on top of the building) and the name of the structure at the entrance.

Many thanks to my mother Veera for informing me of the development late last year when I was in the UK.

On 1 January 2014 when I was photographing the flattened structure from the road, the watchman on the premises repeatedly told me to stop, after which he took a photo of me on his phone. So I took a photo of him and gave him my card.

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6 thoughts on “Destroying Dhun Lodge

  1. Kurush BILIMORIA

    It’s an absolute tragedy with what’s happening to our city. I was residing at Tardeo Court next to Bhatia Hospital some 40 years ago before I moved to Australia 33 years back where old architecture is not only appreciated but preserved. It all began with the ripping off of the single and double decker tram lines that we enjoyed travelling in along with the goda gadis and gas lamps as well as destruction of superb British monuments including Kalagoda.
    I used to appreciate the architecture of this building along with the name DHUN LODGE in Marble as I walked past to the bus stop to catch the Bus No.123 via Marine Drive to Flora Fountain.
    It would have been worth a lot more if they had some sense of appreciation and simply used their wealth to get it back to it’s prestine condition.
    We old timers see this destruction with a sinking heart.

    1. admin Post author

      Kurush, it is just heartbreaking. I live at Adenwalla Baug two blocks down. Now I can’t walk past Dhun Lodge. My walk to Sethna Agiary is not what it used to be.


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