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13 January, 2014
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Caterer: St Xavier’s College Canteen

Caterer: St Xavier’s College Canteen St Xavier’s College (1869), Cruikshank Road, Fort (presently 5 Mahapalika Marg).

Since 1991 Mr. Udaya S. Shetty (Anna) has been feeding batches of hungry and hungover students of the St Xavier’s College in Bombay; first from the mess he ran in the boys’ hostel on campus and more recently from a counter in the main canteen itself.

52 year old Udaya combines the efficiency of his native Udupi catering culture with a courteousness and humility that are rarely found in bustling Bombay.

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25 thoughts on “Our Anna

  1. admin Post author

    Xavier’s alumnus Richard Chandy shares Anna’s famous Eggs Burmese recipe with us-
    ‘In a pan saute onions, tomatoes with a bit of salt and chilli powder.. Beat 2 eggs separately in 2 bowls , put one of them on the pan, place a bread on top of it.. put ur onion, tomato mix along with grated cheese (my addition), place the other bread on top of it . Now pour the second egg on top of this one and spread it.. Cook the same.. Now overturning the dish in ur pan is where your skills will come into play and after practice, u will master it eventually.. Now that ur Burmese toast is ready, just plunge into it and enter nostalgia mode..’

  2. Aditya Prakash

    Anyone who can distinguish between his rajma, his paneer and his chicken curry without tasting is sharp shooter material for the olympic team. Anyone who can after tasting them is the restaurant critic guy from ratatouille

  3. Namrata D'souza

    Anna ka maggi after a long day of completing projects with ek cutting or baked beans toast 😀 Nostalgia kicked in for sure 😀

  4. Sidhartha Shukla

    Just left Xavier’s hostel a few days back after staying there for 3 years. In these 3 years I must have exploited the unlimited thali we used to get for dinner the most 🙂 , always asking for more chapatis and Anna coming back with more with a smile on his face…. I am going to miss him a lot as well. The most humble and hardworking guy I have seen in Xavier’s

  5. Keegan Silveira

    Really miss the Egg Burmese and the cheese maggi with nimbu paani 🙂 Not to forget the egg curry!

  6. Enrico

    I still remember how I couldn’t start attending lectures until I first ate a double omelette in the hostel mess… Long live Uday !!!

  7. Manvendra

    After a hectic day in college, the piping hot Garlic cheese toast coupled with perking cutting chain! It’s bliss. I remember spending time with friends in canteen and savouting every possible dish out of Anna’s kitchen. Xavier’s canteen is incomplete without Anna and his Egg Burma, sheera, veg thali, aloo paratha with dollup of butter!!

  8. savio

    Chicken curry and roti…and de famous cheese garlic toast and not to mention the Meggie Meggie… Anna ek Maggie… Ok meggie Meggie… How i is dose days…

  9. Rochelle

    Aaaah will never forget the cheese Maggi 🙂 Make it till today. Even hubby has fallen in love with it….. Those were the days!!

  10. Gitika Sharan

    Our home away from home! Cheese maggi… Egg Burmese .. Egg Mauritian …. Yummy lunch …with that same commitment and love… Our Anna!

  11. Maria Dsouza

    Love & really miss all those yummy dishes in the foyer.
    Cant forget the chole bature , maggi , Biryani , egg curry … all so yummy! 😀
    I miss this place so much!

  12. Farzeen Khan

    His SETC (pronounced ‘setsee’) sandwich, which everybody invariably called ‘sexy’ sandwich until he got embarrassed at girls coming to him and saying “anna sexy” and he changed it to ‘super’ sandwich. One of the best sandwiches EVER. Salami, egg, tomato, cheese (Hence the setc abbreviation).

  13. Chriselle

    Spent my junior college and senior college in Xavier’s and currently finishing a course in Xavier’s institute of communications 2009-2015.
    I’m going to miss college so much! Specially the sexy sandwich ! Anna used to make a red chilly chicken gravy dish when I was in junior college. Wish he still made it, sooo good!
    Not being able to be in the foyer after 6 years of Xavier’s is going to be hard.


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