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No Malabar Hillbillies these

24 June, 2013
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Banganga (1127 A.D.)

Staircases: Banganga (1127 A.D.)

Walkeshwar, Malabar Hill.

The residents of Malabar Hill were among the earliest in Bombay to benefit from home delivery services. In the 1800’s piano tuners and meat suppliers did the rounds of the private houses that lined the steep and ill kept roads in the locality.

Last week the residents of Malabar Hill were informed that Dilip Lande, group leader of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), has proposed to rename the area Ramnagari, after the god Ram, a very early resident of the locality. “The Malabar Hill area is a religious place for Hindus and has some very old temples. Even Shri Ram stayed there while he was on his way to find Sita. So I feel the name should be changed,” he said.

The photograph is shot by Hersh Acharya.

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The Victoria Terminus (VT) celebrates 125 glorious years

31 May, 2013
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Staircases: Victoria Terminus (VT) (1888)
Bori Bunder (presently Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus {CST}, Dadabhai Naoroji Road).

2013 is an important anniversary year for railway structures across the globe. The Victoria Terminus, Bombay’s most iconic landmark, designed by Frederick William Stevens, turned 125.

In another great city, New York, the magnificent Grand Central Terminal celebrates its centennial.

Photographs courtesy Hersh Acharya. Have a look at the glorious gallery of photos above.

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Ham sandwiches and the Jinnahs

16 May, 2013
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Town Hall (1833)

Staircases: Town Hall (1833)
Fort (presently Asiatic Society of Mumbai)

Ham sandwiches in hand 23 year old Ruttie Jinnah ran down the flight of 30 steps of the Town Hall and drove off, after her husband Muhammad Ali Jinnah chided her for endangering his chances of wooing the Muslim electorate in 1923.

The photograph is shot by Dj Murty on Kodak 400 ISO film.

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