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Three’s a charm

2 December, 2013
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Proprietor: S. R. Mandawker & Co. (1927)

Proprietor: S. R. Mandawker & Co. (1927)

2/3 Sassoon Building, Military Square Lane, Fort (presently Burjorji Bharucha Marg).

S. R. Mandawker & Co., specialists in silver electro plating, polishing, bronzing, oxidizing and laquering, is the oldest and best preserved establishment on Military Square Lane, Fort.
Mr. Sachin Mandawker, the proprietor, explains that his large Parsi clientele has cautioned him that if any of the original interiors and furniture on the premises are changed, their business dealings will come to an abrupt end.

Mr Mandawker obliges Dj Murty and stands in front of photographs of the past proprietors, his father and grandfather (who walked to work everyday from their home in Girgaum).

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Proprietors: Britannia & Co. Restaurant (1923)

6 May, 2013
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Britannia & Co. Restaurant (1923)
Wakefield House, 11 Sprott Road, 16 Ballard Estate.

Despite the fact that British officials destroyed all the ‘posh’ furniture at Britannia & Co. during the Second World War, when the restaurant premises were temporarily used for military purposes, proprietor Boman Kohinoor’s fondness for imperial rule is legendary.

91 year old Mr. Kohinoor is Bombay’s most beloved restaurateur. An effortless host, no diner can refuse his recommendations: ‘6 fresh lime soda sweet, to beat the Mumbai heat’. Here he is photographed with fellow proprietors, Afshin, his son and Merwan, his brother. (Left to Right, Photographs: Jasmine D. Driver, Parsiana.)

See our gallery above to savour some Berry Pulav, Fry Bombay Duck and Caramel Custard.

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