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A Gentleman’s Guide to Cooking

14 February, 2015
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by Tariq Ali

For breakfast, my lady has rice with either chana (chickpeas) or rajma (kidney beans). To my lady’s breakfast, I contribute the mamlet – the Bangladeshi omelette.

To make a mamlet, you need:

1 egg
1 tablespoon finely chopped onion
1 finely chopped green chili
A pinch of salt
1 tablespoon of oil

1. Over a medium high heat, heat the oil in a frying pan.

2. While the oil heats, beat together the egg, onion, chili and salt.

3. When the oil is very hot, ladle half the egg mixture into the oil, spreading it out in a thin layer. It should sizzle as soon as it hits the oil – if it doesn’t, the oil isn’t hot enough.

4. In about 30 seconds, flip the mamlet with a spatula. In about another 30 seconds, take it out of the pan – it is done.

5. Add the remainder of the egg and repeat, for two, thin, pancake-like mamlets (see gallery of photos above).

My lady has her mamlet with rice, chana or rajma, sliced radishes, achaar (pickle) and yogurt. In roadside Dhaka restaurants, we breakfast on porota-mamlet. Not paratha and omelette, but porota and mamlet.

Tariq Ali is a historian, cook and avid player of Civilization. He wishes his lady Sim-Sima would eat more fruits and vegetables.

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A Gentleman’s Guide to Cooking

12 February, 2015
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This Valentine’s Day Our New Series

We are delighted to announce our new series A Gentleman’s Guide to Cooking

To qualify you must be
1) a gentleman
2) who regularly cooks for someone he loves (a partner, parents, friends, pets).

This series draws on the best traditions of gentlemanly behaviour in Bombay- duels, fox-hunting, nautch parties, etc etc etc.

Our mascot Manuel is the creation of that fine Bombay gent Mr. Cyrus Daruwala.

Our first post of the series will be on Valentine’s Day. A gentleman will be sharing the recipe of a dish he makes for his lady.

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‘Use your subconscious’

16 January, 2015
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Paris Bakery

Proprietor: Paris Bakery (1955)

287, Dukargully, Dhobi Talao (presently Dr. C. H. Street).

In the heart of Dukargully (pig lane) is a bakery run by a vegetarian proprietor. Danesh Nejadkay fasts on several days of the week. He sips on rose flavoured water to see him through the bustle at the bakery. A picture of yogi Paramahansa Yogananda is stuck on the fridge. A quote by Swami Vivekananda is placed on the wall.

Indeed if we are to come up with a recipe for the Irani proprietors that run bakeries and cafes in Bombay it is this- one third spiritual- Meher Baba following, fasting, homeopathy taking- and two third gangsta– bike riding, chain wearing, physical fitness undertaking, lady charming.

In our next post we will share Mr. Nejadkay’s wisdom on biscuit eating.

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15 reasons to visit the wonderful world of the Gandhi Book Centre

10 December, 2014
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1. Gandhi is everywhere.J1614-GandhiBookCentre_022. The staff and trustees of the Centre will warmly welcome you.J1614-GandhiBookCentre_073. You have a good view of Bhaji Gali as you browse through the books. J1614-GandhiBookCentre_034. These Gandhi Diaries for 2015 make perfect New Year gifts!K0914-GandhiBookCentre_105. You can ask for a demonstration of the Amber Charkha.J1614-GandhiBookCentre_066. Amber Charkha is a proud resident of Nana Chowk.J1614-GandhiBookCentre_057. Mr. Premshankar Tiwari shows us how to spin on the portable Petti Charkha.K0914-GandhiBookCentre_098. And here’s a model of the Bardoli Charkha.L0914-GandhiBookCentre_149. The museum on the upper storey is a must see.L0914-GandhiBookCentre_1510. The Minton tiling is in good order.K0914-GandhiBookCentre_1111. Waste is separated into dry plastic and dry paper.J1614-GandhiBookCentre_0812. Here’s the view from the upper level.J1614-GandhiBookCentre_0113. For the week of Gandhi’s birth (2 Oct) and death (30 Jan) anniversary all the books are 50% off. L0914-GandhiBookCentre_1714. They have a book for suggestions & complaints…
L0914-GandhiBookCentre_1615. …though there won’t be any.L0914-GandhiBookCentre_13

Gandhi Book Centre, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, Tardeo Road, 400007.

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Anna with Anna’s post

19 September, 2014
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Caterer: St. Xavier’s College Canteen

St Xavier’s College (1869), Cruikshank Road, Fort (presently Mahapalika Marg).

Anna poses with our blog post . Yay!!! A big thank you to Harshal Gajria for sending us this lovely photo.

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