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Motifs: St. Thomas’ Cathedral (1718)

3 May, 2013
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St. Thomas’ Cathedral (1718)
Church Gate Street, Fort (presently Veer Nariman Road)

The colonial government regularly reminded Bombay’s citizenry that it subsidized the cost of divine worship at St. Thomas’ Cathedral. Pew rents, a common means through which churches generated income by charging worshippers for the use of pews, were not imposed, states city directories from the late 1800s.

Notice a lady’s Louis Vuitton handbag in the corner that could well do with subsidizing.

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Motifs: Royal Alfred Sailors’ Home (1876)

1 April, 2013
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Royal Alfred Sailors’ Home

Royal Alfred Sailors’ Home (1876)

Junction of Apollo Bunder Road and Apollo Street (presently Maharashtra Police Headquarters, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Marg, Colaba, entry prohibited).

The construction of the Sailors’ Home was a significant step towards containing and domesticating the population of seamen in the city, long considered drunk, disorderly and prone to recreate at taverns, boarding houses, grog shops and brothels.

Notice the three nautical motifs.

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