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Saal Mubarak & Navroze Mubarak

21 March, 2015
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Saal Mubarak

Motifs: Bombaywalla

On Navroze day we turn two! Thank you all for your support, encouragement and love. It has been a wonderful year- we have a book contract and received a lot of press coverage.

Simin, Sitanshu, Hashim, Dj and Hersh.

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Just call me angel of the morning angel

23 June, 2014
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<span class Motifs: Pallonjee House (1916)

Motifs: Pallonjee House (1916)

Charni Road, (presently Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road).

In 1893 chronicler James Douglas concluded that ‘Bombay is not a good place for ghosts. There is too much activity, too many people, and too great an amount of gas and electric light.’

But who’d have thought that Charni Road is a good place for angels? Amidst the railway provision stores, medical institutions and lodges, stands Pallonjee House, a building with three beautiful angel motifs that support the balconies on the first, second and third floors (first floor pictured above).
The angels watch over a homeopathic dispensary on the ground floor of the building- a perfect space with Minton tiling, a carved compounder’s unit and an obliging compounder.

This post is dedicated to Veera and Jehangir Patel, who sing about morning angels.

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Saal & Navroze Mubarak

21 March, 2014
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We are oneFolks our blog turns one today. Thank you for all the support, encouragement and generosity.

Simin, Sitanshu, Hashim, Hersh and Dj.

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My Deco strongest

14 October, 2013
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Motifs: New India Assurance Building (1936)

Motifs: New India Assurance Building (1936)

Esplanade Road, Fort (presently Mahatma Gandhi Road).

Move over the pale, frail labourers depicted on the marble reliefs of Bombay’s Neo-Gothic structures.
Feast on the fearful symmetry of the human form, framed in the city’s Art Deco buildings.

Hashim Badani captures a lean, mean Indian man and his machine.

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In the jungle

12 July, 2013
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Motifs: Victoria Terminus

Motifs: Victoria Terminus (VT) (1888)

Bori Bunder (presently Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus {CST}, Dadabhai Naoroji Road).

A lion (pictured above), representing England, and a tiger, representing India, guard the entrance gates to the main block of the Victoria Terminus.
Recently the lion roared that tigers wishing to make it past the entrance gates of England will be required to deposit a security bond of £3000.

This photo establishes Mr. Murty as a young master of photographic camouflage.

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