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In Aden’s fair city

3 April, 2015
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Interiors: Adenwalla Baug

Tardeo Road (presently Javji Dadaji Marg).

The sense of community among the Parsis was so strong that any Parsi passenger passing through the port city of Aden would receive the hospitality of Sir Hormusjee Cowasjee Dinshaw (1857-1939), the leading Parsi sethia in the city.

Transport, tour guides, meals and company were all on the house till the passenger made his way back to the steamer and proceeded with his journey.

You can join the Bombay Parsee Association in celebrating Hormusjee’s birthday tomorrow 4th April at 9 am at Churchgate Street, Bombay, where a statue of the sethia is still hospitable to the crews of birds passing through the locality.

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Move over beer

25 August, 2014
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Ripon Club

Furnishings: Ripon Club (1884)

4th Floor, N. M. Wadia Building, Esplanade Road, Fort (presently Mahatma Gandhi Road).

For the gentleman traveller of the 19th century, billiard tables were the most important recreational requirement in hotels, refreshment rooms and clubs across the city.

Almost all the billiard tables were purchased from Messrs Thurston & Co., manufacturers based in London. Messrs Thurston & Co., boasted of ‘BALLS of superior and well-seasoned Ivory’, ‘the exquisite smoothness of the bed or surface’ the ‘DURABLE elasticity of the cushions’ –rather pointless assets for a game in which only gentlemen participated.

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O Berry Berry

26 May, 2014
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Britannia & Co. Restaurant

Furnishings: Britannia & Co. Restaurant (1923)
Wakefield House, 11 Sprott Road, 16 Ballard Estate.

Some like it hot, some spicy, but the Iranis like their food sweet.
The difference between the Iranis and Parsis is often explained in terms of the incompatibility of food tastes- for the Irani palate Parsi food is too spicy, for the Parsi, Irani food is too bland.
This explanation is more palatable than some of the other socio-economic reasons for the distancing of the Iranis from the Bombay Parsi fold.

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Advantage Merwan

20 May, 2014
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Furnishings : B. Merwan & Co. (1914)

Furnishings: B. Merwan & Co. (1914)

Frere Bridge, Grant Road.

Folks if you thought PM Narendra Modi’s PR campaign was clever wait till you get a hold of this. B. Merwan & Co., the 100-year old Irani café that announced in January that it was shutting down and caused a sensation

— frenzied last visits to the café, a spiral in the sales of Mawa Cakes, global media coverage, hourly updates on the health of the ailing institution by two young photographers, a Facebook page dedicated to the café —

has decided to reopen after a months closure.


Photo by Hashim Badani, who witnessed the closing and opening ceremony at the cafe.

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Modernity & the Mawa

11 April, 2014
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 Furnishings: Adenwalla Baug

Furnishings: Adenwalla Baug

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