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Good Luck Bombay!

13 April, 2016
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Doors: Cosmopolitan Restaurant & Stores

Sir Hurkisondas Nurrotumdas Hospital, junction of Sandhurst Road and New Queen’s Road.

In Irani restaurants and bakeries across Bombay horseshoes are found at the entrances of the establishments. They symbolise good luck.

Humin Irani of Cosmopolitan Restaurant & Stores explains that his grandfather and father were very interested in the ‘spiritual line’; they prayed at the store counter, fasted, read people’s faces and befriended Israeli tourists of a spiritual bent.

Humin asks ‘Have you read The laws of the Spirit World ?’ ‘No? I will give you a copy’.

Picture by Hashim Badani who is very interested in the ‘photography line’.

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One sip at a time

29 April, 2013
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Meher Cold Drink House

Doors: Meher Cold Drink House (1939)
Mackawee Mansion, corner of Gunbow Street and Parsi Bazaar Street, Fort (presently Rustom Sidhwa Marg).

Well into the late 1800s, strict caste and purity codes prevented the experience of inter-dining amongst the native populations of Bombay. Pan-supari, rosewater and nosegays, were distributed at the end of public/semi public gatherings, but no food. As the benefits of inter-dining were felt, cold drinks were first introduced for consumption, gradually making way for solid foods.

Meher Cold Drink House, although a sprightly 74, is an example of the early establishments that facilitated the experience of cosmopolitan drinking and eventually dining.

Young Bombaywalla was introduced to the delights of Meher Cold Drink House by her mother Veera, a regular at the unassuming eateries in the Fort.

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